Bianca Hayes

As a Senior Consultant and Business Professional with more than 10 years’ experience, Bianca brings a strategic focus to organisations. Bianca is passionate about helping businesses, teams and individuals to improve their performance. She has contributed to the development and delivery of many leadership and coaching programs to improve self and situational awareness, and develop team cohesion. As a coach, Bianca focuses on creating an environment where coachees feel connected and engaged.

To connect with Bianca please contact TMS on 07 3003 1473 or


“Bianca’s coaching style offers a simple open enquiry that allows you to come to clarity on situations without any need for complicated management frameworks. Our sessions have supported identifying what is next for me to learn and work on in a very practical and supported way and I have noticed myself approaching life with much more of an open curiosity to observe and understand and less judgement of myself and others and I am naturally able to express more honestly and openly with others and enjoy my work much more as a result.”

Susan, Coordinator, Water Authority