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What is the ‘Next Big Thing’ in Safety?

By Alison Van Der Wiel

Those involved in implementing safety in the workplace are often interested in the ‘next big thing’ to improve their safety metrics and safety culture. ‘Moore’s Law’ states that the processing power for computers doubles every eighteen months. While this law is applied to computers, it can be applied more broadly to the development of other technology so when asked, what’s the next ‘big thing’ in safety, one can assume that there will be exponentially more and more safety technologies on the market as time goes by. The ‘next big thing’ is often sought out as a way to improve safety metrics and safety culture.

Key Findings from the WA inquiry into FIFO Mental Health [Blog]

By Aislin Harper, Provisional Psychologist

Despite the common necessity to use FIFO work models in Australia, there is still a significant blind spot in understanding the significance of mental health issues facing these workers and their families.