Trish Cloete

Trish is a registered psychologist with more than 15 years’ experience in Organisational Development and Workplace Psychology. Trish has worked extensively with both public and private sector organisations, providing specialised assistance with leadership development, employee engagement, organisational culture, team development, change management, and organisational diagnostics. She is a well-regarded coach and mentor, having worked with a broad spectrum of leaders and managers from frontline staff to executive leaders.

Trish is well-versed in designing and implementing psychometric tests that comply with legal principles and best psychological practice, as well as administering a broad spectrum of psychological tests in individual and group coaching contexts. She has extensive experience in the use of a wide range of psychometric instruments for the evaluation of cognitive ability, aptitude, personality, values, emotional intelligence, culture fit and leadership potential.

To connect with Trish please contact TMS on 07 3003 1473 or